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C.M.B Hydraulic Systems Limited
Draughtsman design new new hydraulic cyinder.

CMB Hydraulic Services was established in 1989 specifically as a service company operating exclusively
in the field of hydraulic equipment repair, servicing and replacement. A reputation gained for excellence of work and delivery of a rapid and reliable service has assured consistent growth from its inception.

The company continues to provide for all the needs
of its valued customers. Located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire it is geographically situated at the heart of
the UK, with a transport network enabling the company
to provide the service you require.


Hydraulic Cylinders

CMB offers a specialised and comprehensive hydraulic cylinder service to all areas of the UK mainland. This service comprises of a strip down assessment, cost to customer, new or replacement parts where necessary, resealing, testing and delivery.

One-off repair or fleet contracts for the repair and
maintenance of vehicle mounted hydraulics i.e.
refuse lorries, lift trucks, car transporters and
construction equipment of all types.

This is not a comprehensive list and if your needs are
not covered, we are happy to discuss any requirements
you may have. We specialise in minimum V.O.R. times, offering agreements on turn around for repairs.


Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Repair/Servicing of cylinders, pumps and systems for
industrial equipment within the manufacturing industry.

The manufacture and repair of the larger hydraulic cylinders
for industrial use with furnaces, rolling mills, recycling, rail
and marine applications, both dockside and ship board.


Systems Design and Build

Design and manufacture of cylinders with bore sizes 0-765mm diameter, stroke for single acting 5800mm, or stroke for double or triple acting 12000mm; with finishes and treatments to suit your operating environment.

We offer a design only service, as well as testing and calibration service for customers who may wish to review the operational levels and safety of their systems.

With regard to repair and manufacturing/machine services we have the sub-contract machine capacity and equipment necessary to carry out this work.

  • Honing capacity Ø756mm diameter x 9000mm long.
  • Machining capacities suitable for hydraulic
    cylinders, paper rolls, pipeline bores.
  • General machining Ø600mm x 5000mm long
    and milling Ø1160mm x Ø620mm(O.D.) x
    890mm(I.D.) long
  • Welding, fitting, light fabrication and assembly.

CMB are very much aware of how much we need and
the debt we owe to our customers. We will endeavour
to continue supplying the level of service they have
come to expect.

C.M.B. premises in Doncaster.

An old hydraulic cylinder in need of repair.
A repaired hydraulic pump motor.
Designing and building a new hydraulic pump.
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